Programs and Services

Back to the Basics is fully committed to assisting individuals to identify the positive and effective strategies in getting basic needs met to enhance the potential for personal and community success. Each service we provide addresses at least one of the needs identified in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Our Services

Life Impact Sessions

Back to the Basics offers Life Impact Sessions to community members in need. Life Impact Sessions include intervention for Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Housing Security, Gang Violence, as well as mediation between Law Enforcement and Community Members.

Youth Le​adership Development and Empowerment

Back to the Basics has made a commitment to serving youth through our dynamic workshops in identifying strategies for advocating for themselves to get their basic needs met. Our intentions in focusing on youth is to ultimately enhance the potential for personal and community success.​

Community Empowerment and Engagement

Back to the Basics hosts community and resource fairs, empowerment workshops, and more in an effort to support community members in fulfilling the mental, physical, emotional, and financial needs they have. In doing so, we hope to increase awareness, knowledge and success of community members and the community at large as a result.

Career Advising and Support Services

Back to the Basics provides Career Advising and Support Services through community resource fairs, professional development workshops, and one on one sessions identifying career pathways for community members. ep this description nice and short.

Consulting Services and Trainings

Back to the Basics’ strategic focus on implementation of social and organizational services and case management strategies benefits not only the local and nationwide organizations that seek out consultations, but more generally create an opportunity for our community to be served at a higher level of quality and care.

Back to the Basics Empowers

 the Community with 

People from the Community!!

Back to the Basics believes that hearing and learning from other's experiences can be the inspiration that encourages individuals to overcome life's obstacles and accomplish their dreams to become their best self.

We look forward to hearing YOUR STORY!

Your Kindness and Donations 

Help to Further Our Work!

Our agency collaborates with individual sponsors, community partners, and department agencies that are working to produce public safety, social equity, and economic empowerment for under-served and under-represented communities.​