Back to the Basicsā€‹

Community Empowerment Organizationā€‹

Back to the Basics Community Empowerment addresses the social traumas of a community through education, advocacy, & creating access to resources so individuals can experience a better quality of life.

We provide educational workshops, service provider training, and life impact sessions 

to schools, employers, and community members  that are comprehensible and accessible to all populations of the community and inspire change. 

We provide crisis assistance to individuals after experiencing various forms of trauma and hardships through

 community intervention. 

This assistance increases public safety 

and community awareness.

We work together to connect individuals from 


 and assist them with identifying  "BASIC"  steps

 to live their most Empowered life!

Your Kindness and Donations

Help to Further Our Work!

 Our agency collaborates with individual sponsors, community partners, and department agencies that are working to produce public safety, social equity, and economic empowerment for under-served and under-represented communities.ā€‹

Let's Get Back to the Basics 

of Living and Loving Life!

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