Back to the Basics

Community Empowerment Organization

Back to the Basics ​is an Education, Outreach, & ​

Service Provider that focuses on Rebuilding and Restoring Community Health, Safety, and ​Economic Wellness. 

We provide educational workshops, service provider training, and life impact sessions to schools, employers, and community members  that are comprehensible and accessible to all populations  of the community. 

We provide crisis assistance to individuals after experiencing various forms of trauma and hardships through community intervention/safety services. We create custom programs that increase awareness and inspire change.

We work together to connect individuals from ALL COMMUNITIES

 and assist them with identifying their "BASIC" needs to live their most Empowered life!

"Belly of the Beast": Survivors of Forced Sterilizations in California's Prisons 

Fight for Justice

   Back to the Basics' efforts in Gender Based Violence and Racial Equity Movements have manifested in the development of "Belly of the Beast." Revelations about forced hysterectomies at an ICE facility in Georgia have forced a reckoning with the long history of sterilizations in the U.S. — particularly of Black, Brown, poor and disabled people — and the way this procedure has continued in jails and prisons to the present day. ​

The documentary "Belly of the Beast," which tells the stories of women subjected to unwanted sterilization behind bars in California features our Executive Director and Founder Kelli Dillon. 

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 Our agency collaborates with individual sponsors, community partners, and department agencies that are working to produce public safety, social equity, and economic empowerment for under-served and under-represented communities.​

Let's Get Back to the Basics 

of Living and Loving Life!

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